Not sure if we’re the right studio for you? Take our Type A Yoga Personality test for class and even studio recommendations if we aren’t the right fit!
1.What motivated you to try our studio?
2.What kind of atmosphere says “yoga” to you?
3.What kind of instruction works best for you?
4.What is your usual fitness regimen?
5.Do you have any injuries or conditions?
6.Do you have interest in philosophy?
7.What is your yoga experience?
8.How do you feel when you get home from a vacation?
9.Most of the time, my life is…
10.How do you want to feel after class?
11.You’re supposed to meet a friend for yoga later this evening, but this morning you’ve sprained your ankle. What do you do?
12.You are in a yoga class you don’t like. What do you do?
13.Your ideal yoga teacher…
14.How much space do you need around you when you’re in class?
15.What kind of studio staff are you looking for?